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PaddyPower Play Card

PaddyPower Betting Offer
  1. Get a Play Card in one of Paddy's shops
  2. Activate & link the card to your account
  3. Take advantage of it's benefits/rewards
#Ad. Existing Dial-a-Bet or paddypower.com account holders only, One Play Card per customer, Minimum cash deposit/withdrawal is €10/£10, Maximum daily deposit is €2000/£2000. T&Cs apply. Please gamble safely.

For those of you with a PaddyPower Cash Card, you'll be pleased to hear that the top rated Irish bookmaker has just launched a new and improved version of it called the Play Card.

The PaddyPower Play Card has all the qualities and benefits of the Cash Card - plus much more, including rewards like moneyback offers, and better deposit and withdrawal options.

We've listed the benefits of PaddyPower's Play Card below, but it's a must have card if you're a member as it basically lets you link your online betting and shop betting accounts together.

To get yours, simply head into any of PaddyPower's betting shops and ask a member of staff for one. Then all you need to do is activate it by linking it to your online betting account.

What Can I do with a PaddyPower Play Card?

It seems obvious but you'll need to be a member at Ireland's best bookmaker in order to get a Play Card. Check out the latest PaddyPower signup offer if you don't have an account.

Once you've got a PaddyPower Play Card, here's what it's capable of:

  • Use your Play Card to deposit cash to your online betting account.
  • Use it to withdraw funds from your online betting account as cash.
  • Pay for in shop bets using your online betting account balance.
  • Track the bets that you have placed in shop via your online account.
  • Get access to exclusive rewards including moneyback in cash offers.

As you can see from the list above, in it’s simplest form, the Play Card that PaddyPower offer members allows you to link your online betting and shop betting activities into one account.

All that functionality is great, but it's the benefits listed below that really set it apart and make it an essential addition to anyone with an online betting account at PaddyPower.com.

PaddyPower's new Play Card is essentially a new and improved version of their Cash Card, and lets you use your PaddyPower balance in their bettings shop whilst also earning rewards.

Plus, every now and then PaddyPower use the card to reward members with exclusive offers and promotions such as the recent Play Card free bet offer, and Play Card PayPoint offer.

Benefits of PaddyPower's Play Card

As you can see from the list of benefits below, there are so many reasons why you should get a PaddyPower Play Card if you're a member, and the list is likely to get even bigger!

  • REWARDS: You could get better rewards for betting with your Play Card. For example, on some events, you can earn moneyback as cash rather than the more traditional free bets.
  • BETTING IN SHOP: Place bets in shops using your online accounts' balance. Any winnings from these bets will settle immediately, giving you instant access to the funds.
  • CONTACTLESS: The Play Card has a built-in contactless feature, making it even more convenient to bet in shops as it's just like using a credit or debit card.
  • DEPOSITS: Use the card in shop to deposit funds to your account. Deposit cash at the counter or by scanning your card at a Self-Service Betting Terminal and inserting cash.
  • WITHDRAWALS: You can use your Play Card to withdraw any funds that are in your online betting accounts' balance instantly as cash in any of PaddyPower's shops.
  • TRACK BETS: Place a bet with your Play Card in shop, and you'll see a digital copy of the bet in your “My Bets” section of your online account via PaddyPower's website or App.
  • BETTING TERMINALS: Use your Play Card at the Self-Service Betting Terminals found in shops and you'll be able to use the funds from your online betting accounts' balance.

There are so many benefits to PaddyPower's new Play Card, but the main that interest us are the exclusive betting offers and promotions that are only available if you're a cardholder.

How to get and Activate Your Play Card

PaddyPower have made getting and activating your Play Card a pretty straight forward process, however, you will need to visit one of their betting shops in order to pick one up.

How to get a PaddyPower Play Card:

  • Locate your nearest PaddyPower betting shop.
  • Ask a member of the team for a Play Card.
  • Activate your Play Card by linking it to your online account (see below).
  • Use the card in shop at either the counter or on a Betting Terminal.

Once you’ve collected your Play Card from one of PaddyPower's many betting shops, you’ll then need yo follow the process below to activate it via your online betting account.

How to Activate a PaddyPower Play Card:

  • Login to your online account via PaddyPower's website or App.
  • Visit ‘My Account’ and select ‘Cash Card & Play Card’.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions/enter the long card number on the back of your card.
  • Once you've linked the Play card to your account, you’ll need to activate it by presenting it at the counter in any PaddyPower shop.
  • At this point you’ll also set up a PIN number for your card.
  • Don’t forget to bring a form of identification so staff can complete the activation process.

Once you've linked and activated your PaddyPower Play Card you're then able to take advantage of all of it's many features including using it when betting online and in shop.

Using Your PaddyPower Play Card in Shop

There are currently two different ways that you can place bets using your new Play Card. Bets can be placed either at the counter or at on Self-Service Betting Terminals.

We've taken a look at both methods, and the steps you need to take using either option.

Betting Over the Counter:

  • Decide what bet you want to place, and then take your Play Card to the counter.
  • Tell the member of staff that you will pay for the bet using your Play Card.
  • Your bet will then be processed, and you’ll need to tap or swipe your Play Card.
  • Your bet will be paid for using your online accounts' balance, and the bet can then be found in the “My Bets” section of your PaddyPower.com account.

For even more convenience, the PaddyPower Play Card can also be used at one of the betting terminals found in most of their betting shops. Follow the steps below if this is your preference.

Self-Service Betting Terminals:

  • Go to a Betting Terminal and press the ‘Play Card’ tab on the main screen.
  • You will be presented with 2 options; either type in the long card number or scan your card.
  • The terminal then prompts you to enter your cards PIN number on screen.
  • Once you’ve entered your PIN, your accounts balance will become the balance of the Betting Terminal and is available to use.
  • Place your bet as normal and make sure you log out of the terminal once finished.

It's worth pointing out that at the time of writing any bets placed via Betting Terminals are not viewable in the “My Bets” section of your online betting account.

CashCard+, Cash Card or Play Card?

PaddyPower have released a wide range of cards for account holders over the years that it's often difficult to know what cards do what, and which card is the right one for you.

While the Play Card is a new and improved version of previous PaddyPower cards, there are some fundamental differences. The main things that you should be aware of is that:

  • You can’t have both a Cash Card and a Play Card.
  • You can have both a CashCard+ and a Play Card.
  • The Play Card and Cash Card let you deposit and withdraw from your online balance in cash.
  • The Play Card lets you to transact with your online balance in shop and get great rewards.
  • The CashCard+ is only available to customers in Ireland and the UK.
  • The CashCard+ is an entirely different card. It enables you to get instant access to your PaddyPower winnings. It’s also a prepaid Mastercard®, which means that the card can be used anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted.

The PaddyPower CashCard+ Prepaid Mastercard is issued by EML Money DAC pursuant to licence by Mastercard® International Incorporated. Click here for more information.

The e-money associated with your card is issued by EML Money DAC, authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland under the EU (Payment Services) Regulations 2018 (Ref C95957).

PaddyPower Play Card Key Terms

As is the case with most financial products, there are a few key terms and conditions that you should be aware of before getting your PaddyPower Play Card, they include:

  • Play Card only available to existing Dial-a-Bet or PaddyPower.com account holders.
  • Only one Play Card or Cash Card per account is permitted at any given time.
  • Cash withdrawals only available once your PaddyPower account is open for 24 hours.
  • A Passport or an Irish or UK Driving License is required to activate Play Card's in shop.
  • Bets placed via your Play Card will be subject to PaddyPower’s Shop Rules.
  • Bets placed with the Play Card will settle to the account holder’s online account.
  • The minimum cash deposit/withdrawal using a Play Card is £10.
  • Cash Deposits are limited to a maximum limit of £2,500 per day.
  • Cash withdrawals in shop are limited to £2,000 per day.

See PaddyPower's website to read about the full terms associated with their Play Card.

PaddyPower Play Card Terms & Conditions

Existing Dial-a-Bet or paddypower.com account holders only, One Play Card per customer, Minimum cash deposit/withdrawal is €10/£10, Maximum daily deposit is €2000/£2000. T&Cs apply. Please gamble safely. See website for more details.

Offer URL: https://promos.paddypower.com/promotion?promoCode=playcard

Not Signed Up To PaddyPower?

As with all of the various cards that PaddyPower offer, you'll need to previously have signed up as a customer at PaddyPower.com to take advantage of their new Play Card.

If you aren't a member yet then great, as you'll also be able to claim the latest signup offer below that PaddyPower are currently rewarding new account holders with.

PaddyPower Signup OfferPaddyPower Signup Offer

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Unfortunately we're no longer able to recommend PaddyPower due to the high number of reports of them closing accounts without explanation.

Not sure that PaddyPower's the best bookmaker for you? Check out the rating that we gave them below or compare bookmakers before you signup.

PaddyPower Rating

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Unfortunately we can't recommend PaddyPower due to the reports of them closing accounts without explanation.

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