PaddyPower 'Cash Out'

PaddyPower Cash Out
  1. Place a bet at PaddyPower as normal
  2. Look for a 'Cash Out' icon in the bet slip
  3. Cash out your bet & bank the profits!

You may not have heard but now offer account holders the chance to ‘Cash Out’ winning bets early before they have chance to lose!

With PaddyPower's ‘Cash Out’ option, you don’t have to wait for your bet to end to claim any winnings, simply end the bet early and bank the cash!

How To Use PaddyPower 'Cash Out'

PaddyPower's new feature essentially means that should your bet be winning, PaddyPower will give you the option of taking an early settlement and pocketing the profit.

You can do this before the bet changes into a losing one, or the event you're betting on finishes!

Here’s an explanation on how PaddyPower's ‘Cash Out’ feature works:

  • Find and place a bet at
  • The event you're betting on starts and your bets winning
  • A little ‘Cash Out’ icon appears next to the bet you placed
  • You now have the option of viewing an early settlement figure on the bet
  • If you want to claim it, simply end the bet early and bank the profit
  • Alternatively you could risk waiting until the event finishes for full odds

PaddyPower 'Cash Out' Example

Below is an example of Man Utd vs QPR where after 56m the placed bet is winning.

As you can see PaddyPower's 'Cash Out available on this market' icon appeared next to the bet (we've highlighted it in pink) as well as an early settlement figure below it.

Simply click the 'Cash Out' button and PaddyPower will pay out the bet's winning, irrespective of the actual outcome of the event you bet on.

Cash in the bet early and pocket the profit that it's currently making!

PaddyPower Cash Out Example

It's worth mentioning that PaddyPower also display what you could have won should you have decided to ignore the 'Cash Out' figure and let the event play out until the very end.

Look for the PaddyPower 'Cash Out' Icon

PaddyPower offer ‘Cash Out’ on a wide range of sporting events and different bet types.

To see if PaddyPower offer the pre-event or live betting market you want to bet on as a 'Cash Out' market, simply head to and look for a 'Cash Out' icon.

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Not Signed Up To PaddyPower?

As with all PaddyPower betting offers, you'll need to previously have signed up as a customer at to be able to 'Cash Out' a bet.

If you aren't a member yet then great, as you'll also be able to claim the signup offer that PaddyPower reward new customers with.

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  • Signup today at
  • Bet £20 on any market you want
  • Get your money back if you don't win!
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PaddyPower made it on our list due to their refreshing approach to online betting and moneyback offers.