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Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Betting

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to betting on UK horse racing.

Some people believe that it's impossible to profit from staking money on horse racing. Where as others believe that all you need to do is bet on the favourites to succeed over time.

Some also believe that the only way to win is to bet the huge long shots and pray for a miracle. All of these thoughts are false.

It's possible to start winning horse racing bets and you don't need to pick favourites all the time or bet on miracle finishes to do it.

The Best Horse Racing Tip

Here is a juicy piece of information for you. The favourite wins the race (thoroughbred racing) about 34% of the time.

Therefore, if you simply bet on the favourite, you will be losing 66% of the time. Since favourites don't always pay too well, you would end up losing over the long run.

Still, money can be made betting on the favourite for a horse race. Each race is different.

In some horse races, an online bookmakers favourite might be an even money favourite.

In others, the favourite might be a 3-1 favourite with other bookmakers offering odds on the race.

How To Bet On Horse Races

How you bet is just as important as how much you bet. Common horse racing phrases include 'Across the Board'. When you make a horse racing bet like this, you are betting on the horse to win, place and show. If the horse comes in first, you win all three bets.

The show bet is the most conservative bet in horse racing, and it pays like it. Unless the horse is going off at a good price (odds), making a show bet is a losing proposition.

Think about it this way, if I told you I had a proposition that you might win 33% of the time, and it will pay 1-5, which means you bet £5 and win £1, would you jump on it?

Of course you wouldn't. This is kind of what it's like to make a show bet on a good horse.

At the end of the day, how you bet can up accounting for half or more of your success potential.

Bettors that don't figure this out wonder why their bankroll is not larger after their winning day no matter what types of horse racing bets they place.

Place your bets properly at UK online bookmakers and you will be halfway home to being a successful horse racing bettor.

Money can be and is, made in horse racing every single day. On busy days, there are more than one hundred betting opportunities to take advantage of.