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Winning Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing Betting

It is widely quoted that only 2% of horse racing punters actually make anything like decent profits at the online bookmakers they bet on horse racing over the long term.

And probably less actually make a living from horse racing and think of it as an investment.

Successful Horse Race Betting

From the side of a successful racing tipster service, it is easy to see why the average man in the street doesn't make a success of the horse racing bets they place.

We're asked so often if it's actually possible to make any decent profits from betitng on horse racing at online bookmakers in the UK.

To answer this common question we always show people the following list of advice. We consider it vital to finding success when betting on horses at even the best bookmakers.

Decide On Your Betting Bank From The Outset

It is important to never bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

Decide on an amount that you are prepared to set aside solely for betting at online bookmakers, then divide this amount by 25 and the figure you are left with will become your stake.

As your profits increase or decrease over time, you will always be betting one twenty-fifth of your betting budget (bank) which offers some protection against losing runs.

Never Chase Losses

The road to the poor house when betting on horse racing is to chase your losses.

Trying to bet bigger stakes each time, following a losing sequence, could and will end in profit... but only for your chosen bookmaker! Stick to your staking plan and don't divert from it.

Leave Emotion Out Of The Equation

You should aim to develop a detached view to winners and losers alike. There will always be winners (if you know what you are doing), and there will always be losers.

Don't allow emotion to creep in whether you're in the middle of a winning sequence or losing run.

If you are serious about your horse racing betting, you must treat it like a business and aim for long term profits from the bookmakers you bet at without becoming emotional.

Treat Your Betting As A Business

In order to make your betting pay over the long term at online bookmakers, you must operate as you would if you were running your own business.

This means keeping proper records of any profits or losses incurred at online bookmakers not matter how small they may be.

Knowledge Is Power

If you can't afford the time to build up your own knowledge of the form book, or to make a few decent contacts of your own, then try to find a racing advisory/tipster service that has stood the test of time.

Some online bookmakers even have their own tips section on their site.

Aim For Long Term Profits

If you are using your own (or someone else's) horse racing system to make your selections, give it enough time for a sensible test period. There is absolutely no point in jumping from one horse racing system to the next without giving it enough time to work.

The same applies to using horse racing systems when betting at online bookmakers. Aim to find a service that has been around for some time, proofs their selections etc.

Then once you have made your choice of system or tipster service to use, don't jump from one to the other after a short period. Decide on a fair test period and make sure that you stick to it.

And Finally... Good Luck!

Finally, horse racing can be a fascinating and exhilarating hobby, but if you really want to be one of the few that actually make money in sports betting at online bookmakers follow the rules above and you'll have a head start over most punters out there!

Just remember the above tips and you should find yourself winning more horse racing bets than you used to.