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Horse Racing Phrases

Horse Racing Betting

Horse race betting is very popular in the UK but a lot of punters are not 100% clear on what all the betting terminology actually means.

There are lots of types of horse racing bets and betting terminologies that online bookmakers use with some of the most frequently used being: Win Singles, Each Way bets, Win Doubles, Accumulators bets, etc., etc. etc.

Bookmakers Horse Racing Phrases:

It's good to learn all of the different phrases for horse racing bets before you bet. You'll have more chance of winning at online bookmakers if you know what they're talking about!


This is the bet the Pro's use, and consists of your stake placed on one horse only to pass the post first. You can place this bet with a bookmaker, and take the odds he offers, or you can place it on the TOTE where you do not know the odds, and get a share of the pool if the bet wins.


This actually consists of two bets, the 50% on the WIN SINGLE, and 50% on the PLACE, which covers you for a horse placed 2nd or 3rd (4th in 16+ runner handicaps). The PLACE part is usually paid as 1/4 the odds.


This is betting two horses to win their respective races, if one does not win, your bet is lost, and you receive nothing. Returns on multiples is worked out by the first horse odds + stake, multiplied by the odds of the second winner.


These are bets of more than 3 horses, bet to WIN or E/W, and form the basis of both the punters & bookmakers favourite bets (as they produce the most profit).


This horse racing bet contains four selections in doubles, trebles, and a 4 fold accumulator.


Same as the YANKEE but includes the 4 singles, giving you 15 bets, hence the name. Not very lucky though if you get 1 loser, as you lose 8 bets straight away, and all multiples get worse for each loser.


This is 6 selections with full cover accumulators. No singles, and a massive 31 bets lost with 1 loser.


Select the 1st and 2nd home in a race to finish in the correct order you have selected. By using the words REVERSE COMPUTER FORECAST they can finish in any order, but it's 2 bets.


Select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd home in the correct order. By using the words FULL COVER TRICAST the 3 you select can finish in any order but this is 6 bets.


Select the winners of the first six racing at the meeting nominated by the Tote.


Select a placed horse, in each of the six races at any nominated meeting.


Select a placed horse, in each of the last four races, that would be in the PLACEPOT.


Select the winners or placed horses in the six nominated races, as defined by the TOTE. Saturday and big meetings only. Worth an interest, especially when there is a roll-over, as there are 2 possible wins. All 6 winners, a place in each race and a chance in the bonus race the following week.