Grand National Bets

Grand National Betting

The Grand National is the UK's premier horse race and one of the worlds most exciting sports betting occasions with millions bet on the World famous race each year.

40 horses line-up to race the four and a half mile track and tackle the 30 fences of Aintree. It's no wonder that only half the horses and jockeys can expect to make it past the finishing post.

Betting on the Grand National

If you're looking to bet on this years Grand National the last thing you probably want to do is head down to your local high street bookmakers on Grand National Day as the queues will be out the door! It's much easier to have bet over the internet at an online bookmaker.

Placing a bet online is as simple as clicking on a box next to the horse you think will win the Grand National then enter you stake in another box. It's definitely much easier to bet online at an online bookmakers than filling out a slip in a crowded betting shop in town!

Plus, if your Grand National horse comes in the wining's are paid directly into your account, saving you the trouble of another trip back into town!

But before you join an online bookmakers and place your Grand National bet, make sure you check out the Grand National tips below as they might just help you pick a winner.

Grand National Betting Tips

WEIGHT - The weight a horse carries is critical to Grand National Success. Hedgehunter became the first winner since Corbiere to carry over 11st to victory. A pound here or there over 11st should not be a major worry but do not bet on a horse to win carrying over 11st 3lbs. The simple fact is only one other horse in history has managed to win with that kind of weight and that horse was Red Rum!

STAMINA - Stamina is the second major factor. The Grand National is a gruelling race for any horse but only those with experience winning at over 3 miles can be expected to be in the running at the end of this race. So don't throw money away on two and half milers.

AGE - The age of the horse is important as experience counts for much in the Grand National. Horses aged ten years and older are preferred. Ten out of the last 16 winners were aged ten or above. Nine year olds have had a few win too but don't back any seven year olds as it's been 66 years since one last won!

Grand National Favourites

Much of the Grand Nationals appeal lies in the difficultly of the race itself, with such a gruelling course, the chances of the favourite winning are pretty slim. In the last hundred years or so, online bookmakers have been very lucky as only 11 favourites have actually won the National.

Grand National odds - Horses starting at 16-1 or under have the best record at 27 wins since 1968. In the last 25 years there have been a few long odd surprises; Last Suspect at 50/1, Royal Athlete and Ben Nevis both at 40/1, Red Marauder at 33-1, Maori Venture and Little Polveir both at 28/1 and Rubstic at 25/1.

These long shots winners are what the National is all about, most people are happy to stick a couple of quid 'each way' on a 25-1 shot and sit back and enjoy the race.

Many serious gamblers will not put any money at online bookmakers on horses in the National as it is too difficult to pick a winner. This luck factor only adds to the excitement for the millions that place Grand National bets at UK bookmakers on the race taking place at Aintree!